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Growing Ranunculus and anemones

These beautiful flowers never disappoint. They're the perfect addition to your spring planted gardens.

I live in zone 8b and luckily for me these can be fall planted. It's always important to know which zone you are residing in and what is the best time to plant. Ensure well draining soil and protection from a mulch and or frost fabric. I have found that these can take a light frost. Ranunculus corms resemble an octopus 🐙 when planting them it's important that they're planted with the tentacles down.

  1. Corms are shipped dry. These can be stored at room temperature for months if you are not planning on planting them right away.

  2. Place corms into room temperature water. I like to add a fish tank air pump. Why? Because I saw another grower do it. Have I done it without one? Yes, but I still use the air pump.

  3. Corms need to soak for 3-4 hours until they have been rehydrated.

  4. Presprout. Many growers reccomend a presprout stage. Hydrated Corms will go into damp soil and be covered for a dark period. The preferred temperature for this is around 10c. However you can directly plant out into your garden.

  5. The presprout stage is approximately 2 weeks.

  6. Plant your presprouted corms 2-3 inches below surface. Ensuring for ranunculus that their "tentacles" are pointed down.

  7. During a cold stretch. Ensure plants are protected with frost cloth.

Do you have further questions? Send me a message I'm always happy to help.

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